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Violence against People with Disabilities and why Wheelchair JKD was developed

We live in changing times. A report released by the USA department of justice’s bureau of justice statistics finds that between 2011 and 2015, people with disabilities ages 12 and older were victimized at two-and-a-half times the rate of the general population.

One in five violent crime victims with disabilities believed they were targeted due to their disability and a survey in Britain published in January 2011 stated that the number of disability hate crimes reported has risen by 75% in one year alone.

In January 2018 a survey in Britain stated that Hate crimes against people with disability have doubled in one year.

A quick search on Goggle will show numerous reports and the examples of attacks on people with a disability reported in the press. Below you will see a selection of the headings.
  • Wheelchair user injured in “appalling” attack on the Honeybourne line
  • Police hunt for teenage thugs who attacked and robbed man in wheelchair
  • Reward over attack on man in wheelchair in Salisbury, Wheelchair user attacked by gang
  • Wheelchair user attacked in home
  • Teenage girl in wheelchair robbed and sexually assaulted in Weston-super-Mare alley
  • Four men tried to tip a woman out of her wheelchair during a robbery in Bridlington